Polimex Stretch Sleeve Label Films

Latest development of 360° LDPE printing substrate

Easier to separate from PET bottles through the recycle process or in PE streams

Apply on Metal, Plastic & Carton under extreme temperatures, from -40°C to 60°C:  without any damage.

Cost & Energy Saver: no heat tunnel needed

High interest in stretch sleeves because of the attractive value preposition stretch offers related to full body decoration at lower cost (compared to shrink).

Business Process

Go To Market
  • Flexographic: Time Tested
  • Rotogravure: > 70 my 
  • Offset:  Ok
  • Digital: Ok



Heat sleeve sealing, no glue or solvent needed


PET, HDPE, cylindrical, square and rectangular shape, drums, cans, and crates, all sizes. Single & Copacking suitable.


Beverage, Hygiene & personal care products, Dairy, Detergents
Chemical liquids, Promotional batch


Substrate Types

The higher the stretching rate, the lower is the material consumption
High Stretch Rate

Elastic return of 92% with a stretch rate of > 50% 

Medium Stretch Rate 

Elastic return of 89% with a stretch rate of 45%

Low Sretch Rate

Elastic return of 91% with a stretch rate of 25%

With a superior environmental profile: a stretch sleeve is approximately 40 percent smaller than a corresponding shrink sleeve.

Polimex Competitive Advantages:

  • Thickness Range: 40 -120 micron;
  • Low/Medium/High Stretch Rate;
  • Matt, Mettallic, Brilliant Effects;
  • Pantone Colors Choice;
  • MOQ: 1000 kg;
  • Lead Time: 4 weeks;
  • Made in Italy
  • All-in-One: films, sealing and labeling machines.

The elimination of heat tunnels and associated conveyors also greatly simplifies the production process and provides energy savings.

Our Services

we will advise you on the appropriate substrate depending on your technical requirements and deliver it within 4 weeks.

Pros: Market Knoweldege, Film Choice, Continious R&D.

we have some know-how and will share with you our experience and technological aspects of the stretch sleeve label converting and applications.

Pros: Сost savings, Quick start.

we will advise and supply you advanced stretch sleeve converting equipment in only 90 days.

Pros: Customization, Low Cost.

How To Start? Easy with Polimex!

Send us information about your stretch sleeve label application or intention to start stretch sleeve label business.

Invest in the welding machine, if you're converting only or add labeler, if you plan to provide label application service.

Promote stretch sleeve labels as one of the best environmental solutions in terms of low density and up to 50% material reduction compared to shrink sleeves.

Build up momentum, enter first to the huge market potential with an advanced labeling solution.

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The market is demanding cost reduction and improved sustainability


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