Polimex cPET Substrate - EcoSleeve

Innovative crystallizable film that increases the sustainability of Shrink Sleeve Labels by improving its recyclability to 100%


Same Printing Process

No additional investment

Shrink sleeves is one of the fastest-growing label segments, pointing to its 5.5 percent compound annual growth rate!

Shrink Sleeve Label Recycling Challenges:

  • Contaminate and clump up rPET flakes
  • Can confuse optical sorters, sending bottles wrapped in shrink sleeves into the wrong stream
  • Bleed ink into wash water and stain flakes
  • Cause clumping in dryers

Polimex cPET Solution

Completely resolve recycling problem. Film minimizes “smiling” and “pull up” shrinkage problems

No additional investments in equipment needed

Same temperature range in shrink tunnels as PETG commonly used shrink sleeve film 

Unmatched Benefits

High Shrinkage

In the transverse direction (the direction at right angles to the majority of molecules in the film), it shrinks up to 78%.

100% Recyclability with PET Bottle

Crystallizable PET copolymer film that can be recycled alongside PET, a fact that reduces bale yield loss.

No additional equipment needed for printers & brands

No need to invest in production processes, and label-application technologies.

Washable Ink Choice

developed inks, that completely wash off and particulate


Washable HP Indigo ElectroInk printed on a HP Indigo Press

  1. Genesis™ GS by INX is a sustainable, gravure solvent ink that is deinkable from cPET films
  2. Evolution Ink Series by Flint Group
  3. SunSpectro® SolvaWash™ GR by Sun Chemical

SunSpectro® SolvaWash™ GR  by Sum Chemical allows for the increased recovery of high quality, clean, recycled PET resin flakes.


***We kindly recommend also contacting your current ink supplier for up-to-date information.

Recycled Shrink Sleeve Alternatives

Print on polyolefin films with an ink system that bonds to the film. the polyolefin films are less dense than water, they float in float-sink tanks, separating from the PET flakes. 

Cons: Expensive, Shrink Limitation, Slight Haziness, Can Inhibit Sortation

PETG film that is secured with an adhesive, rather than “welded” with a solvent, as is usually done. In the whole-bottle wash, the glued seam “unzips” and the label falls off. 

Cons: Weak Welding Bond, Few Seaming Solutions

Labels and sleeves using recycled content such as rPET from post-consumer recycling (PCR)

Cons: Higher Price, Low (<30%) Recycling Share

It would definitely have an impact if you had some major brands out there that made a large rollout of some of these more recycling-friendly shrink sleeve labels

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